Sampling Systems

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  • ChraSafe Depth Gauge Standard & Jumbo Liquid Cup Sampler

    Suitable for High & Low Viscosity Liquids & Suspensions. Suitable for sampling liquids and suspensions. Discrete samples can be taken from known heights within the product. 

    The ever popular Cup Sampler is ideal for sampling liquids and suspensions. The device is manufactured from 316
    stainless steel. The Cup Sampler enables discrete samples to be easily taken from known heights within the product.
    Single Point Liquid Sampler

    • Chemical, food, and cosmetics industries
    • 316 stainless steel
    • Easy to use; just insert the sampler to the required depth, squeeze handle which pushes the pot, after filling remove the sampler
    Standard Version: 100 ml cup volume, 55 mm maximum diameter of cup
    • Jumbo Version:
    500 ml cup volume, 80 mm maximum diameter of cup

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