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  • Continuous Sampling

    Access through gasketing in the top of the sample trough easily allows connection to a process stream. Custom cells with special Swagelock® ferrules and fittings, and quartz enclosures are available to allow connection to process streams.

    Easy Filling

    Sample solutions are either poured, injected with a syringe or pipetted into the center well, side well or side tubulation. Air bubbles are released by tilting the cells side to side or to one side while filling. Flexible tipped pipettes capable of reaching from the center well to either end of the sample can be helpful in filling narrow bore center fill cells.

    Pour In Sampling Capability

    ChraLab QF200 operation is achieved by using a Type C or D Flow Through Polarimeter Sample Cell. Once the sample cell is filled, each successive sample poured into the funnel will displace the previous sample through the drain tube. This method eliminates opening and closing the polarimeter or saccharimeter sample chamber door and interchanging sample cells. Measurements can be made about as rapidly as successive samples can be poured.

    Temperature Correction

    For sucrose or other high volume applications where the temperature coefficient is known, a ChraLab QF200 Cell can be used. This cell has a built-in temperature port which, when the temperature probe is inserted, automatically measures the sample temperature inside the cell.

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