Tablet Hardness Tester

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  • Tablet hardness tester is used to measure the crushing hardness of tablets.

     Applicable standard: JB/T20104-2007 


    - High-precision pressure sensor ensures the precision and reproducibility of test. 

    - High-definition LCD is adopted, the display contents are rich; users can enjoy intelligent operations according to the screen tips, Chinese character hint and quantitative index are provided for each operational process. 

    - Optional for measuring mode: Manual single tablet/automatic continuation. 

    - The system can realize automatic tablet compressing, automatic display, automatic latching, automatic reset, automatic cycle test, automatic linear error correction and automatic fault diagnosis. 

    - Strong data processing ability; statistics, analysis, printing and display are available for test result. It can submit the reports of maximum and minimum values, standard deviation and range of change of the test sample.

    - Automatic calculation of tablet return travel can compress your test duty time. 

    - One-key conversion of measuring unit (Newton-Kilogram) 

    - New type front paper change mini-printer. 

    - Convenient and efficient measurement of tablet diameter.

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