Kjeldahl Digestion

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  • The ChraLab KD-20 are standard Kjeldahl Digestion units for nitrogen analysis and protein determination, with 20 positions.

    The maintenance free and durable aluminum heating block offers homogeneity across all tubes and insures a complete Kjeldahl digestion in each tube. The maximum temperature of 450 °C insures a high nitrogen recovery in the process.

    Support system, sample rack, suction cap and test tubes must be purchased In addition to the basic unit.

    Features of the ChraLab KD-20 Standard Series Kjeldahl Digestion Units:
    • Extremely compact, with narrow footprint
    • Aluminum heating block for excellent thermal homogeneity
    • Set temperature and time
    • Maximum temperature 450 °C, with microprocessor control
    • Monitor digestion process through display
    • Data can be sent to a PC or a printer
    • Should be combined with an Aspiration Pump such as the  Recirculating Water Pump, and an scrubber
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